Frequently Asked Questions

How will you help me with my miner in case of trouble?

You can get in touch with our customer support team by emailing us a quick video of your kernel log and dashboard. Our professionals are proficient in resolving the majority of software-related problems. You must get in touch with the customer support division of the manufacturer if there is a problem with your hardware.

How do I set up my miner?

Here’s what you do to start mining:
Step 1: Download a trackable IP scanner.
Step 2: Locate the miner’s IP address.
Step 3: Open the device dashboard.
Step 4: Enter your pool link and wallet details.
For help, give us a call.

How do I stay updated about your products?

We maintain an updated website to guarantee openness and an excellent user experience. To receive updates on a regular basis, sign up for our newsletter.

How long will it take for you to ship the ‘In Stock’ product?

We ensure fast shipping of our products for example within 1 to 3 days.

Do you accept payment methods other than cryptocurrency, Apple pay and bank transfers?

No, we do not accept payment methods other than those listed above.To better assist you, get in contact with our specialists if you are unable to make payments using these methods.

How can I prevent my payment from being cancelled if it is delayed?

In the event that payment is not received within the allotted time, your order will be cancelled.
Three days from the order booking date (payment through bank transfer) or 59:00 minutes (payment using cryptocurrency).
But we don’t want you to pass up the miner you’ve had your eye on. For a further extension of the payment period, please contact our team. We would be pleased to keep your product longer.

Can I pay using a currency other than US dollars?

You don’t need to be concerned about US dollars being the payment currency. In order to make a payment via bank transfer, you must let your bank know how much money you wish to send in US dollars. They will pay you in your base currency or your home currency, depending on the current exchange rate.

Do you take cash payments?

No, although we also take payments:
The cryptocurrency
Transferring Money to a Bank Account
If you have a different preferred method of payment than the ones listed above, please contact our team, and they will assist you in paying for your order.

Does the website use transparent pricing for the rates listed?

Yes, we think that our product prices should be clear and there shouldn’t be any unstated costs related to the miner.

Do the listed prices include the miner’s delivery costs?

Yes, shipping charges, which include doorstep delivery, are included in the listed price.

In which currency are the miner prices listed?

The miner prices on our website are listed in US$.

Do I need to pay extra for power supply?

No, our prices are inclusive of power supply costs.

Can I get special discounts on the miners if I bought in bulk?

You can use a discount code found on the website to buy two or more miners. If there aren’t any coupons available when you place your order, please give our team a call, and they will assist you with exclusive bulk order savings on our miners.

Are the miners on the list all available?

Due to the large volume of orders we receive every day, we advise you to visit the product page on our website, where “Available” products are posted along with their most recent prices.The ‘Available’ products tab on our website’s product page allows you to further refine the selection of products that are available.

Do the rates listed on the website change frequently?

No, the prices of the miners on our website do not change every day, but they do change frequently. Before completing an order, we ask that you use our website to verify the price of the product.

What are the advantages of placing large orders?

For additional savings if you order more than one miner, please get in touch with us.

Which power supply—110 volt or 220 volt—will I get?

A power supply tailored to the requirements of your nation will be sent to you.We ship miners to more than 100 nations worldwide, and we give our customers power supplies that meet local requirements so they can get started mining right away and hassle-free.

How do I follow my order?

You will receive information regarding specifics about your order on a regular basis at the email address you registered. You can check the status of your order via the ‘My Account’ part of our website if you can’t access the email address you registered.Please get in touch with us directly if you are unable to obtain the information using one of the aforementioned methods.

Can I change my order details once my order is confirmed?

We assist you in changing the customer’s shipping information. However, we won’t be able to make the required changes after the product has been dispatched.

How can I verify the details of my order?

For registered users, you will receive an order confirmation email at the address you have registered, as well as an instant confirmation message on the website. As a guest user, however, you won’t be able to view the message until after your order has been confirmed.If you haven’t received an email confirmation, you can get in touch with our team to find out how your order is doing.

Does an order’s quantity have a limit?

No, the maximum quantity for a single order is not limited. To receive special pricing and discounts, please get in touch with us if you would like to place a large purchase.