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AnexMINER emerges as a tech powerhouse specializing in cutting-edge cryptocurrency mining hardware. Established officially in 2021, the brainchild of co-founders Yang Ye, brand Chief Manager, and Lou Qi, CEO Brand CIO, aims to revolutionize the mining landscape.

Dedicated to empowering cryptocurrency miners, AnexMINER strives to furnish them with top-tier, dependable mining gear, enabling them to optimize their earnings. In a groundbreaking move in August 2021, AnexMINER unveiled its script cryptographic ASIC chip, signaling a seismic shift in the industry’s dynamics. With independently developed BTC chips tailored for the SHA algorithm, both chips hit the market in December 2021, earning global acclaim for their efficiency and stability.

The stellar performance of AnexMINER’s chips swiftly garnered industry recognition, culminating in the prestigious “INDUSTRY BENCHMARK AWARD” in January 2022. March 2022 saw the introduction of the ET series for ETH mining, renowned for its stellar hash rate and minimal power consumption, cementing AnexMINER as a frontrunner in the field.

Continuing its expansion, June 2022 witnessed the launch of the BTC machine, marking AnexMINER’s foray into the global mining arena. Notable entries in their product lineup include the AnexMINER ET3-ETH ETC Miner (300MH), AnexMINER ET4-ETC Miner, and AnexMINER ET5-ETC Miner (1200MH), lauded for their competitive edge and enhanced mining capabilities.

Prioritizing customer satisfaction, AnexMINER values feedback to refine its offerings continually. Backed by warranties and certifications, their products underscore superior quality and an enhanced user experience. With a profound understanding of the cryptocurrency realm, coupled with the technical team’s extensive expertise, AnexMINER has become a cornerstone of the crypto mining industry, poised to maintain its ascendancy well into the future.